Dear Prospective Parent/Student,

You are welcome to our uniquely designed environment that will open you up to a world of limitless opportunities. Action Progressive Institute started initially as ACTION CLASSES in the year 1993. It was initially ran in the form of various vacation classes in rented premises. In 1996, the school started organizing University Entrance Examinations for SHS candidates who opted to enter the various universities. After the cancelation of the University Entrance Examinations, much attention was given to the remedial classes. Later on, the classes grew to the extent that authorities decided to register the school as a full time secondary school with two main course – BUSIENSS AND GENRAL ARTS.

I speak to parents with a school that has jumped through hoops, a school that has progresses through time and now runs all courses from preschool right to the Senior High School section, and utterly proud to present this school to you.

To the Ghanaian Student

Our facilities and curriculum has been design to encourage students to wonder, work and explore the learning circles, whiles shaping them in Christian values and practices to them shine in every dark corner. They will not only focus on the acquisition of information but also will also add on a layer of thoughtfulness to every subject, whiles inspired to think subjectively and critically question and carry out multi-layered research projects.

To the international student

At Action, your need for independence is espoused while you build on your maturity and your imbued talent and skills. With our comfortable facilities, you will feel at home and be provided with occasions and creative ways to accommodate this growth. You will also be assisted to make real contributions to the world outside of your immediate community and country and to Africa and the world at large.

I congratulate and thank you for choosing ACTION.

ACTION indeed tops all.