All forms of stealing Outright dismissal
Smoking of cigarettes, indian hemp etc Outright dismissal
Drinking of intoxicating liquor and the uses of other narcotic substances Outright dismissal
Boy / girl immoral sexual relationship (fornication) Outright dismissal
All students must pass through the main school gate, no student should jump over the fence wall. A week suspension. Repeated offences attract dismissal from the school
Writing and drawing indecent pictures on school walls and pasting unauthorized notices by students 4 weeks suspension
All students must pay promptly the prescribed school fees Student will be sent home for fees.

Persistent failure to pay school fees leads to dismissal

The girls dormitory is out of bound to all unauthorized male students Suspension
Every student is to take part in all class activities and submit written assignments to the teacher for marking Caning / weeding
All students must obtain outing exeat signed by the director or headmaster, assistant headmistress and senior housemaster Suspension
No un-prescribed uniform must be worn to the school Confiscation of uniform
No student must be seen using or possessing mobile phone. The phone boots must be used. Seized and kept by the school
All forms of bullying must stop 2 weeks suspension
Insubordination of teachers / constituted authorities Weeding. Repeated offenses attracts suspension / dismissal
Improper dressing (otto fister etc) Weeding / scrubbing / sweeping
Coming late to school Weeding / scrubbing / sweeping
Fighting in school / use of dangerous weapons Manual work / suspension / dismissal
Hiding in the dormitory during classes Internal suspension with hard labour
Damage to school properties Paying for 2x or replacement / repairs
Truancy (persistent) Suspension / dismissal
Negligence of duty by prefects Warning / removal from office
Occultism Outright dismissal
No student should take food from dining hall to dormitory without permission. Medically sick students are permitted Food confiscated and student weeds or scrubs
All boarders must attend entertainment programs on Saturday between 7.00 – 9.00 pm Scrubbing /weeding
Lights off at 10.00 pm

Rising out of bed in the morning 4.30 am

Time for prep 7.00 – 9.00 pm

Siesta 3.00 – 4.00 pm

Bathing 4.30 am (form 1-2) / 5.30 am (form 3)

Punishment determined by house
Church services is compulsory for all Christians Weeding / scrubbing
Saturdays (6.00 am) – general cleaning of dormitory Punishment to be determined by house
No student should alter the measurement / style of the prescribed school uniform Three weeks suspension
The prescribed foot wear for all students must be black combo Three weeks suspension
Boys and girls must wear a low haircut.

Boys must shave beard and girls must not wear any strange hairdo

Three weeks suspension