Welcome to the Senior Secondary and Technical School of Action Progressive Institute

We provide international education to students from ages 15 to 18+ . We are proud of the number of young adults we churn out every year and the excellent results they achieve. We also take pride in the attractive study grants our students in top-notch universities both within and outside the country.

We are proud of the multicultural experience that our students receive. This helps to make them true global citizens as they have a real opportunity to experience, embrace and celebrate diverse cultures.

We are proud of the rigorous and robust academic curriculum that provides our students with the requisite “tools” to excel in the university and beyond.

We are proud of the leadership and responsibility roles that our Prefects, SRC and other student leaders perform. This provides them with an early taste of (student) politics and the rudiments and ethics of electioneering, communication, negotiation, persuasion, campaigning and marketing. This enables students to internalize the important ACTION attributes of critical thinking, discipline, effective communication, social responsibility, creativity and international mindedness to achieve the best high school experience.